St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Jesus Calls Us…Come and See! Come and Grow! Come and Serve!


We are glad you have found us!  St. Andrew is all about reaching people with God’s radical acceptance and grace in Jesus Christ to make lives whole.  The journey of faith begins by recognizing how Jesus calls us.
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A Christ-follower in the 4th century by the name of Augustine wrote, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”  In the restlessness of his heart, he heard the calling of Jesus.  You might know that same restlessness in your heart.  We know it too.

We have found rest in God and invite you to join our prayer day by day to:
  • See God more clearly in lives and all creation.  All are invited to come and see Jesus in our worship and hospitality.
  • Love God more dearly as followers.  Everyone is invited to come and grow in Jesus through our study and prayer groups. 
  • Follow God more nearly in acts of service.  All are invited to come and serve Jesus through WHO- Winter Hospitality Overflow, our Christian preschool, and Orchard’s Kids Club.

God’s dream for St. Andrew is our vision—

bringing healing and wholeness to lives and all creation.


Summer Worship with Communion

Sundays, 8:30 and 11 am

All are welcome!




Reflections From Sunday

The Voice of God

In this week's scripture readings, the disciples are caught in a boat during a horrible storm and Elijah witness a wind storm, an earthquake and fire. Let's be honest, our lives are busy. We have so much on our "to do" lists we can't possible get it all done. We have friends and family who are constantly asking us for things. We have issues in our lives where things have gone wrong. All of this stuff seems to take over and each day bleeds into the next. Pretty soon months have gone by and we feel like we haven't come up for a breath yet. Our lives feel like we are going from one storm to another. If one we could have one moment of peace and silence. "Be still before the Lord and wait patiently." The disciples battled the storm all night while Jesus was praying. The storm didn't stop when Peter got out of the boat and walked on water with Jesus. It was still raging around him, which scared him and caused him to lose sight of Jesus and sink. The storm actually continued until the disciples and Jesus arrived on shore and got out of the boat. Even with Jesus, the storm did not cease, but Jesus helped them through the storm. For Elijah, he knew God was coming and looked for God in the storm. It makes sense that God would be in such a strong and amazing event, but God wasn't in any of it. Elijah did not hear God until everything ceased and I mean everything. No birds, wind, footsteps, airplanes, cars; not until there was a void of all sound did God finally speak to Elijah. In times of storms, God never leaves us. God is there to help us through those storms. We just need to trust God that we can make it through with God's help. But in times of chaos, we also need to make time to stop, be still and wait patiently to hear the voice of God. So often God's voice is still and small. If we are too busy, too loud, too whatever to hear and listen. God is speaking, are we paying attention?

In the silence I become aware of you, O Lord. In the silence I adore you, O Lord. In the silence my sins stand out and are washed away. In the silence my problems fall into their rightful place. In the silence I become a grateful person. And in the silence, O Lord we become one.
~Ray Simpson


 Prayer For The City of Charlottesville 

God of peace and justice, we pray those in Charlottesville who are experiencing violence and hatred. We pray for the families of people who have been injured and killed and join our voices with those who are there calling for peace and calm amid the violent storms of hatred and racism. Empower us to boldly proclaim and live out Your love for all people. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer. Amen.



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