St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Monday, November 19, 2018
Jesus Calls Us…Come and See! Come and Grow! Come and Serve!

Social Concerns Ministry Team


Spring Food Baskets

It is time for our Spring food baskets. We thank you for being part of this important and long standing ministry to Orchards Elementary School. The families we serve are those who face food insecurity at vacation time. We focus on including nutritious food that can be easily prepared by kids as well as ingredients for family meals. You can be a part of this important act of faith in many ways. In addition to donating needed food items or money for fresh food you may want to help with preparation or distribution of the baskets. Food items are to be in by March 18th, Boxes will be filled on March 25th, and distribution is on March 29th. Please contact the church office (360-892-7160) for more information or Donna Schuster, or Vicki Wornath.

Share Inn at Orchards Dinner

Share Inn at Orchards Dinner is the fourth Thursday of every month, we have the pleasure of preparing and serving dinner to the residents of The Inn at Orchards, a transitional home for those seeking permanent shelter just a few blocks from our church building. We invite you to join us in this ministry - once or more often - by:
  • Assisting with meal preparation in the commercial kitchen on site (4-5:30 PM)
  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere by setting attractive dining tables (4-4:30 PM)
  • Serving the meal, cafeteria style (5:30-7 PM)
  • Donating dinner plates, drinking glasses, forks and/or spoons.

    Please contact the church office (892-7160) or Kathleen & Michael Brown (313-7993) to let us know this is something you too would

Inn at Orchards Recipes

Share Inn at Orchards information:
5609 NE 102nd Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98662
(360) 604-0907