St. Andrew Lutheran Church
Friday, January 21, 2022
Jesus Calls Us…Come and See! Come and Grow! Come and Serve!

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Q. What is the focus of the worship service?
The focus of worship is God and not about one person or one group of people. Using a line from Martin Luther, “we are all beggars before God and only seek to tell other beggars where to find food.”
Q. How is St. Andrew welcoming and accepting of guests/visitors?
We are all loved by God and seek to live that love out in our life together. To help us get to know each other, we greet people as they arrive, wear name tags, and share coffee and light snacks after worship. 
All of the words and music of the service are printed in the worship folder and also projected on the large screen.
Communion is open to all worshipers regardless of age, background or church membership.
Q. Where do I go when I arrive and what do I do?
Everyone is greeted at the front door and given the Sunday News (a handout of the events planned in the parish for the coming week.) People are given the opportunity to wear a name tag if they like. As you enter the building, the worship center is conveniently located to your left. Here an usher hands out a worship folder with the order of service. This order of service is also projected on a large screen during worship.
More information about our worship is found here.

Joining St. Andrew

Q: How do I join St. Andrew?

If you are interested in joining St. Andrew, we encourage you to go through our Journey of Faith (JF) process. You can find out more about JF through our Come and See gatherings. If you decide JF is not for you at this time, we invite you to meet with one of the pastors to discern the next step in your faith journey. Options include meeting privately with a faith mentor, transferring your membership to St. Andrew, or waiting a year or more to go through JF.


Building Use

Q. Is your building available for outside use?
In order to be good stewards and managers of the resource of our building, non-profit groups and organizations are allowed to use the building when it is available. Our building is used weekly by a Korean congregation, Boy Scouts and various Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) groups. For further information about using our building or to schedule use, please contact us at


Q. Can I have my wedding at St. Andrew?
Outside weddings are possible at St. Andrew in consultation with one of the pastors. The cost includes fees for cleaning, pastor, musician plus a suggested donation of 10% of the cost of the wedding to the church. The 10% donation is based on the Bible’s teaching of giving a tithe or one-tenth as an offering to the Lord.